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Friday, October 8, 2010

What should i blog about?

Some might wonder how one is suppose to write a blog...

i think the real question isn't "What should i write?" its "How do i write it?"

After spending 20 painfully long minutes straining my brain for blog ideas, i decided i was going to write about me not being able to write about anything.

Confusing? i thought so.. but then i realized its not what i write, its how i write it ;)

So, for my sanity (and my future mark) i am going to continue typing about how thinking of blog ideas is hard.

Its funny how every minute of everyday my brain races through thoughts, but when it comes down to picking a topic; nothing. I don't think choosing a specific topic is THAT hard, i can always talk about... cats or computer chairs or bananas for that matter, its just when it comes down to it, ill be getting marked on my ideas, so i don't want them to seem juvenile or insignificant.

So technically writing about nothing is a topic. right?

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