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Saturday, November 27, 2010


unlike a typical obsessive teenager, I'm going to explain WHY i love them. First, i enjoy listening to their upbeat music. although most of there songs have no real meaning to their songs, i think music isn't necessarily about a meaning. its just something to pass the time. in my opinion. Second, there an enthusiastic group who will never bor their fans. That is all.

the buried life

I'm pretty sure everyone knows this show or has heard of it, but just in case; this show is called 'the buried life'. Its about a bunch of guys who do things people only dream about doing, in a different way then some may assume. I enjoy watching this show because it reminds me that anything i want to do can be accomplished, as long as i have money and time. So, for Plan C of my future career choice, i want to be a TV host/ reality TV actress(oxymoron's ftw).

If anyone wants to join me and the rest of the world in watching this inspirational/funny show, you can catch it on MTV(channel 56) :)